Itinerary+ FAQ

What will happen with carrier logos on the itinerary when the trial ends?

  • Support for carrier logos will be transitioned to the paid version of the itinerary, known as Itinerary+. Consequently, the free version of the itinerary will no longer display carrier logos.

What will happen with agency logos?

  • The support for agency logos will remain unaffected in the free version of the itinerary.

  • Additionally, a new option will be introduced in the Itinerary+ version, allowing agencies without their own online storage to store their logos on our server.

When will the trial end?

  • The current trial period is scheduled to conclude by the end of June.

What are the other paid features included in Itinerary+?

The Itinerary+ version offers the following additional features:

  • Support for EK SUR segments

  • Capability to upload agency logos directly from a local PC to our secure server

  • Convenient direct sending functionality using the #ITIN emailaddress terminal command

What is the price for the Itinerary+ version?

  • The pricing for the Itinerary+ version will be USD 100 per PCC per year.

How can I order CEE Itinerary+?

  • To place an order for CEE Itinerary+, you can access the Order Form by clicking on the following link. Alternatively, the Order Form can be accessed directly from the Itinerary plugin.

General Itinerary FAQ

Is the Itinerary compatible with the New Outlook?

The current method of our plugin's interaction with Outlook is not compatible with the New Outlook. We recommend using the classic Outlook version to maintain full functionality, or alternatively, itineraries can be sent via SMTP or Gmail. We are committed to ensuring a seamless experience and are actively working to update our plugin for full compatibility with the New Outlook

If you have any further inquiries or haven't found the answer you were looking for, please feel free to reach out to us at

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