Changes to Feature Availability in CEE Itinerary Versions


📣 Important Announcement: Changes to Feature Availability in CEE Itinerary Versions

Dear Valued Customers,

As previously indicated in the banner at the bottom of the Itinerary window for several months, we are now implementing some important changes to our service offerings:

For Free Version Users:

  1. Removal of Airline Logos Support: Starting with version 13 and below, the free version of the CEE Itinerary will no longer display airline logos.

  2. Upcoming Changes: Airline logos will also be removed from the free version 14 starting next week. This change does not affect users from IN, PK, JO, and AE until the end of this month.

Note: Airline logos will not be reintroduced to any free versions in the future.

For Paid Version Users:

Our paid version, CEE Itinerary+, continues to offer a comprehensive list of features, regularly updated for enhanced user experience:

  • Display Airline Logos on Itineraries

  • EK Transfer Service Support (SUR Segment)

  • Server-Side Banner Storage with Direct Upload

  • Email Itineraries Directly Without Preview

  • On-Board Meal and Flight Distance Details

We appreciate your continued support and are always striving to improve your experience with CEE Itinerary.

Thank you for being part of our community.

Best regards, The CEE Itinerary Team

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