PNR is not displayed in the itinerary

Install updates

This error can have many causes. First and foremost, make sure you have the latest version of the Itinerary and Smartpoint installed.

  1. In Smartpoint, click on the wrench icon and select Automatic Update Options.

  1. Click on the CHECK NOW button.

  1. If it indicates that an update is available, install it.

  2. Open the Itinerary and check the top right corner to see if there's a new version available. If there is, you will see instructions to download the latest version there.

  1. Click on Download new version. This will open a web browser and download the installation file. Close Smartpoint and install it.

Clear cache

If the problem persists, or you already have the latest versions installed, clear the plugin cache.

  1. Open Smartpoint and log in.

  2. Use these commands one after the other:


Smartpoint settings reset

This procedure will reset Smartpoint to its default settings.

  1. Close Smartpoint.

  2. Find the directories where Smartpoint saves its settings. By default, they are located in:

  1. Delete both Travelport directories.

  2. Open Smartpoint and try to open the PNR and itinerary again.

Connectivity Verification.

For Itinerary to work, it needs a functional SSL connection to services on these domains. The port in use is 443.

  • *

  • *

  • *

Starting from version 1.14.2, the Itinerary includes its own connectivity test.

  1. Open Itinerary settings.

  1. Click on the Mail tab and then on the TEST ACCESSIBILITY OF SERVICES button. Three popup windows will appear, each displaying a message indicating whether the connection was successful or not.

I don't see EK Limo service information

Itinerary supports the SUR segment syntax recommended in MyTravelport document here.

Here is the quoted part of it:


You can request a chauffeur drive or bus service with Emirates.

Refer to the following example formats.

Chauffeur drive service on departure (CDD) The passenger is departing Dubai on EK502. Pick up is required at 0900.


Bus service on arrival (BSA) The passenger is arriving Dacca on EK582. Pick up is required at 0900.


Note: If the address exceeds 64 characters, add it in Vendor Remarks. For example: V.AEK*PU HILTON HOTEL ROOM NO. 1222 DO DXB APT AT 1200HRS

Service codes: The following service codes are available:

  • YYY - POS (point of sale) where the ticket is issued

  • CDD - Chauffeur drive service on departure

  • CDA - Chauffeur drive service on arrival

  • BSD - Bus service on departure

  • BSA - Bus service on arrival

Note: If CDD/CDA/BSD/BSA is on request, be sure to advise your passenger that the service will be confirmed subject to availability. Multiple passengers:

If you have more than one passenger travelling on the same flight, but require chauffeur drive service with different address details, it is recommended that you book the passengers in separate Booking Files.

Points to note:

  • Always add the telephone number of the location from where the passenger will be picked up

  • Add the room number if the passenger will be picked up from a hotel

  • Always specify the pick up time

  • Add the EK flight number as 4 figures, e.g. EK0502

  • Requests must be made at least 48 hours before departure. Any requests within 48 hours are subject to confirmation.

  • Be sure to cancel the request if it is no longer required

  • Requests must be made using the airport code, and not the city code, e.g. 0SUR EK NN1 LHR 12NOV-/CDA/EK0001/12NOVDXBLHR/DXB.P/U..

  • Chauffeur drive request will be cancelled if relevant segments are waitlisted or the PNR is not ticketed

  • The service is not applicable for unaccompanied minors (UMNR) or for passengers obtaining tickets on departure

  • Passengers travelling on code share flights are not entitled to complimentary chauffeur drive service

  • Add the mobile phone number in the limo request to EK, as this is required by EK: e.g. CDD/EK0502/12NOVDXBBOM/YYY.P/U 0900HR FLAT308 PIZZA HUT BLDG 042033077H SATWA DUBAI  M.3249722222

I don't see baggage allowance details

Please note that baggage allowance information is derived from the ticket record or the filed fare. If this information is not accessible from the given PCC, then the baggage allowance details will be missing.

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