Itinerary customization

Itinerary allows you to incorporate your company logo, present personalized content to your clients, and choose the desired language and date format.

You can manage the content of the Itinerary by simply checking or unchecking the appropriate boxes:

The language of the Itinerary is determined by the chosen template:

Additional settings are available in the Configuration:

Logo - free user

You can configure company logos for both the header and footer using publicly accessible URLs in the Configuration section. Ensure you always use a secure protocol HTTPS.

You can also choose your preferred date format in this section.

Logo - Itinerary+ subscribers

First of all, clear the header and banner URLs:

Then click on the header and footer banner file, select image files from your PC or another local source, and click the upload button:

The files will be uploaded, and the URLs will be automatically populated:

Now you can save the settings. Close and reopen the Itinerary to see the updated logo and footer.

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